Steve Duncan

After training for and completing my first Mini 4 years ago, I thought it was a good idea to keep up this “fitness” thing when I stumbled on Run(317).  What a way to stay committed to running by signing up for the series – and you are rewarded with BEER!  I was hooked from the start and have been going strong ever since.  I love these races and I have made many friends over the last few years.  I really like that you can make this race what you want it to be.  You can be competitive and run super-fast or take it easy.  Either way you end up having a good time.

Teresa Hazel

I’m Teresa Hazel. I’m a marathon runner (and soon-to-be ultramarathoner!), a country girl originally from the mountains of Western North Carolina living the urban downtown life in the beautiful city of Indianapolis. Indy has been my home since 1992. I’m a daughter, a mother, a big sister, and I’m a widow. My husband died of a heart attack on April 23, 2015, and it still seems strange to say I’m a widow and not a wife.

I haven’t always been a runner, but I’ve always loved to be active outside. I started running in June 2012, doing a Couch to 5K program with the goal of a September 5K. I thought I would just do the 5K then move on to some new activity, but to my surprise, I quickly was hooked on running. I’ve done two full marathons, 23 halfs, and an uncountable number of shorter races, including every single Run(317) event so far. I will turn 50 this summer, so I’ve set myself a goal to complete my first ultramarathon – a 50K – this spring.

After Kevin died, running became not only my favorite activity, but my therapy as well. Something about physically moving forward just helps when I feel emotionally stuck.

I have loved the Run(317) events from the very start. I’ve always preferred evening runs to morning ones anyway, and these events are like combining a race and a block party! The Mass Ave race is my very favorite, even though it’s usually pretty hot. That’s just my favorite part of town to hang out in.

I’m not a fast runner, but I do have style! You’ll usually see me at races, including Run(317) in glitter skirts, funny socks, and dangly earrings. I like to have fun when I run!

Becky Meier

I wasn’t a born runner. In fact, I was the mom that sat out in the driveway drinking a diet coke watching all the neighbor kids while the other moms went out for a run. That wasn’t my thang. Then it became my thang. I realized I was missing out on something awesome. 10 years later I have been hitting the pavement running marathons, halves, quarters, 5K’s you name it! I am even a running coach at the YMCA now! Heading into my 4th year as a 317 Series ambassador, I couldn’t be more excited to again represent such an awesome running series! Where else can you run in the coolest parts of Indy and drink some tasty beer? It is a series for all folks and the atmosphere is electric! I will be there, will YOU??


Chris Wright

I started running for my middle school cross country team and then really never stopped running! I currently run with lots of local running clubs – Indy Runners, Personal Best Training, and Team Shorts! This is my 4th year as a Run(317) ambassador. I love the Run(317) series because it really combines fun and celebrations with running. It shows off the great neighborhoods we have here in Indy and supports local charities while having a lot of fun. Each Run(317) race feels like an early start to the weekend!

Kimberlee Murray

I am so excited to be back for my third year as a RUN(317) Ambassador! It is such a fun race series. After a long day you get to throw on your running shoes and run with your friends-such a great way to get through the end of the week. Then, to top it off, drink a beer while eating delicious food! This girl definitely runs for food and drink!!! When I’m not running I enjoy yoga, crafting and relaxing on the couch drinking a glass (or two) of red wine. My favorite part about racing (aside from the food, drink and bling) is the looking back and seeing all the runners at the start of the race. I love how running brings together so many people with different abilities, goals and reasons that they run.

Rob Grannis

I have been running the Run(317) races ever since the first one in Fountain Square in 2014. This was my very first 5K I ever completed! Since then I have been enjoying being active and running. This will be my fourth year as a Run(317) Ambassador. The thing I like most about these races are the different neighborhoods we get to run through and explore. The camaraderie is great with everyone and what’s the best part after finishing a race?! Beer!

Tracie Nebrich

I started my love of running about 8 years ago when I decided to run my first half marathon. Twenty eight half marathons, 6 fulls, and numerous 10k’s & 5k’s later here I am! I joined the Ambassador program 4 years ago and it’s been awesome! Not only do I get to represent and help promote these GREAT races but I have made some wonderful friends along the way.

Kris Gouty

Hey my name is Kris Gouty and I am going into my 4th year of being a RUN(317) Ambassador. I grew up a huge tomboy and have always had a passion for running and sports. After college I moved to Indy and immediately fell in love with the city. I personally think the (317) embodies a perfect balance of hospitality of big city appeal- it’s truly an amazing combination. I have the pleasure of living and working as an educator and athletic director in the downtown area. RUN(317) has so many qualities that keep me coming back each year. Different neighborhood highlights with courses that are a little off the beaten path, the local charitable donations with each run, oh and let’s not forgot the block parties following the run. If you haven’t stayed for the Fountain Square post run party you truly are missing out on an epic time!! RUN(317) is a great experience for all runners, from the competitive finishers to runners/walkers that want to socialize and have a beer with friends. Live it. Love it. Run it.

Timm Schlegel

I am a runner, cyclist and something that resembles a swimmer trying not to drown. I have been a cyclist in some form most of my life, BMX racing, road biking, mountain biking and triathlon. I decided to take up running consistently in 2014 hoping to widen my goals instead of my belly. It also gave me a good excuse to buy more shoes. As I continue to test my endurance sport skills I hope compete in the USA Triathlon Age Group Nationals in August of this year in Cleveland, OH. I have grown to love running  and do it as often as possible. During the summer you can often find me running trails out at Eagle Creek Park. This will be my fourth year as a Run 317 Ambassador and I am looking forward to getting out and running in some of our cities coolest areas. Of course meeting new friends, music, food and free beer is certainly some good motivation to get out and off the couch on a Thursday evening. C-Ya there!

Jennifer Thomas

Run/Walk is my gig – I switched to that method after a hip injury five years ago

Ultramarathons aren’t my thing, but I HAVE run 10 half marathons

Never skimps on quality running shoes – Hokas have been my go-to for the past several years

Negative splits are a rarity for me, which is why I love a good 5K (or 3.17 mile!)

Icing after a run used to mean having a cold beer ready to go, but now actually means icing after stretching

Night runs are my favorites, which is why RUN317 is such a great series!

Garmin is my GPS watch of choice and you better believe I try to beat my daily step goal

Nicole Kosik

In college and the years following, I ran occasionally. I would run a 5k race or run a few miles here and there. I wasn’t ever serious about running though. At the age of 35 I wanted to get active again so I trained for the Pleasant Run Run, a 5 mile race in my neighborhood. My goal was to get through the 5 miles and then I would sign up for the mini. I made it through the race and signed up for the mini. I was worried about training for a half marathon (I had done the mini before but without training). And my friend’s 14 year old daughter wanted to do the mini with me. A friend suggested that I join a training group through a local running store so I did. The training group helped me and the 14 year old successfully complete the mini at a pace faster than expected. I loved the way my body felt and I was so proud of the accomplishment. The support from the group was amazing and I met three women who I now consider best friends. I fell in love with running. Since then I have completed 14 half marathons, countless shorter distances, a ragnar relay, and 2 full marathons.

Run 317 lets me combine hanging out with friends and running. I’m able to run through different parts of the city. The party before and after the race is always fun and a positive atmosphere. I’ve also been able to network with other runners. I love these races!

Susan Skelton

I’m Susan and this is my first year as a RUN(317) Ambassador. I’m a Half Fanatic (6 Moons / Earth Level), a 50 States Half Marathon Club Member (26 states completed) and a 100 Half Marathon Club (142 half marathons thus far). I’ve been married to my awesome husband for 23 years and I’m a dog mom to Gipper & Wrigley. I’m older and my running is slower now but I love encouraging people to come out and participate in any event, especially the RUN(317) series. These races are so much fun and a great way to see different areas of our amazing city. Plus the distance of 3.17miles is the perfect way to challenge yourself – your race, your pace – and meet a great group of people. BONUS…you get a medal after each one! Hey I’ll admit it, I’m addicted to the bling.